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Slidebel Microscope Slide Printer

The Slidebel Microscope Slide Printer accommodates every kind of standard microscope slide, whether it has 90° or clipped corners, ground or rough edges.

The Slidebel prints directly onto automatically applied chemical resistant labels, an established and widely adopted methodology in Immunohistochemistry. Through printing directly onto these chemical resistant labels rather than directly onto the harsher and less-forgiving surface of the microscope slide, the film print head within the Slidebel will last longer and reduce potential downtime within the laboratory. It also provides a superior print quality under any condition, achieving up to 300 dpi resolution and resulting in high contrast printing with sharp detail.



Donatello Automatic Tissue Processor

The Donatello Series 2 is an automated tissue processor designed to improve your laboratory workflow and guarantee reliability, safety and best quality results with every use. The Donatello employs new safety and traceability features alongside an innovative reagent mixing procedure to boost productivity and achieve excellent tissue processing.




Giotto Automatic Stainer

The Giotto is an automatic stainer for histological, cytological and histochemical staining. The flexibility of the software and reliability of manufacture means the Giotto is well suited to both light and heavy workloads whilst ensuring staining quality is consistently outstanding and reproducible.



Galileo Rotary Microtome

The new Galileo rotary microtome is designed to meet your requirements for precision, reliability and safety, assuring the best performance in histological sample cutting. Samples can be cut with maximum precision and accuracy whilst ensuring high standards of user safety during the cutting phase. User comfort is guaranteed and safe, smooth sectioning ensures improvements in working conditions and productivity.



Pi Smart Cassette Printers

The Pi Smart Cassette Printers are designed to increase laboratory automation and fit into LEAN workflows. Their small footprint, printing speed and low noise level make them ideal for printing cassettes at the cut-up bench, whilst on-demand capability enables cassettes to be printed as they are needed, avoiding the risk associated with batch printing.