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Product Description

Tissue Marking Dye

The marking of histological samples facilitates identification and correct orientation of particular tissue pieces or surfaces during embedding and subsequent microscopical examination. It is the preferred method of choice for certain surgical specimens and small tissue pieces, and for serial sectioning orientation.

The Tissue Marking Dyes have been developed to define margins without bleeding, changing colour or fading. Durable bright dyes hold permanently
through the processing and staining of samples with graded alcohols, xylene and other solvents common to Histology.

The product is available in 60 & 240ml bottles as well as 4ml ‘Squeezy’ dispensers with a comprehensive colour range of Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange and Violet.
The Tissue Marking Dyes are formulated to be used without a mordant; however, ‘Ink Aid’ assists in adherence, particularly to fatty tissue. ‘Ink Aid’ is available in a 240ml bottle.

• Colourful, permanent tissue marking dyes
• Won’t run or bleed

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