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Product Description

CellPath’s System II+ Cassettes come with a separate white lid that is easily attached via the use of a hinge. The robust locking mechanism on the cassettes close with a positive click and ensures the security of the specimen during processing.

Incorporating round 2.4mm diameter holes facilitates increased reagent flow in a traditional cassette. It has been validated for use with the Leica IPC, Sakura AutoWrite, Epredia™ MicroWriter, Primera, and Vogel Printers.

Each cassette is manufactured with a precisely engineered surface that optimises the print quality of text and linear / 2D data matrix barcodes. This reduces potential human errors such as misreading poorly printed or written text. It also significantly improves the scan rates, increasing the laboratory’s efficiency, whilst reducing the need for human data entry and potential frustration.

We offer the cassettes in 15 colours, all a shade that provides greater contrast to printed text and barcodes which again improves the scannability and read rates. Bespoke colours are also available on request.

Key Benefits:

• Verified for use with multiple cassette printers
• Precisely engineered printing surface optimises print quality and scannability / read rates
• Robust and secure closure ensures specimen security
• Designed to improve reagent flow
• Large colour range. Bespoke colours also available
• Writing surface suitable for marking with a CellMark pen

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