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Product Description

The System II+ 2 Well Cassettes incorporate two wells, which allows multiple biopsies to process simultaneously and significantly reduce workload.

This method negates using tissue wrap or biopsy bags and makes it easier to handle biopsies, which also reduces the risk of potential core fragmentation.

Each multi well cassette includes a separate white lid that you can easily attach, and the robust mechanism closes with a positive click to ensure the specimen's security during processing.

The innovative sink compartment around the micro biopsy wells improves processing and fills with reagents, which enables the cassette to sink rapidly and allows the reagents to flow into the cassette and expel air which would ordinarily be trapped by the micro biopsy pores.

Each cassette features a precisely engineered surface that optimises the print quality of text and linear / 2D data matrix barcodes to reduce potential human errors, such as misreading poorly printed or written text, and significantly improves scan rates.

Key Benefits

• Verified for use with Leica IPC, Sakura AutoWrite, Sakura SmartWrite and Primera Signature printers
• Precisely engineered printing surface optimises print quality and scannability/read rates
• Robust and secure closure ensures specimen security
• Innovative sink compartment improves reagent flow
• Large colour range available
• Each well within the cassette features a number to aid specific biopsy identification

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