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Human Tissue Authority

What registration with the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) means:

The HTA was set up to regulate the removal, storage, use and disposal of human bodies, organs and tissue for several scheduled purposes – such as research, transplantation, and education and training – set out in the Human Tissue Act 2004.

The HTA has issued licenses to pathology services, anatomy schools, and establishments storing tissue for research and sites displaying human tissue; such as museums.

CellPath has been granted a license solely for the storage of the body of a deceased person, or relevant material which has come from a human body through the CellNass brand. This means that we have satisfied the HTA that we are a suitable and responsible organisation, with the necessary procedures and qualified people to fulfill the conditions of the license.

As a license holder, we are subject to a rigorous inspection programme based on compliance, evaluation and site visits – both notified and unannounced.

As a licensed establishment, you can have full confidence in the fact that CellNass is subject to detailed inspection by the HTA and guarantee a fully compliant environment for the safe and secure storage of human tissue – to the same standard you expect on your own premises.

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