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Product Description

With laboratories increasingly struggling with space around the microtome for their required equipment, CellPath has developed a unique-to-market retrofittable slide drying workstation that fits snuggly to either our Digital Tissue Section Bath or LED Digital Tissue Section Bath.

The Slide Drying Workstation can also be used as a standalone item, or with our other available water baths, albeit without such a good fit.

The workstation is comprised of two areas; a sloped slide drying area which has capacity for 12 slides with temperature control accurate to plus or minus 1°C, and a mini-hotplate (used to remove stubborn wrinkles from tissue sections) which is set to 65°C plus or minus 3°C.

Key Benefits:

• Ultra-fast heating system reduces waiting time before instrument can be used
• Novel, sloped tile design hotplate improves drying efficiency through better drainage of excess water from slides and enables pick up of slides without touching the hotplate
• Small footprint takes minimal bench space
• Modular design optimised for use with CellPath’s Digital & LED Section Baths, saving additional bench space
• Digital temperature control functionality with memory function for desired start up temperature
• Incorporated de-wrinkling mini hotplate set to 65°C +/- 3°C
• Anti-microbial finish to inhibit bacteria and virus growth
• Dimensions: 160mm x 290mm x 182mm (D x W x H)

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