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Product Description

The SafeCube™ Dispenser is a workstation that reduces the risk of drips and accidental spills. With a main cabinet holding up to 240 litre containers, the workstation is ideal for filling smaller vessels with laboratory chemicals such as formalin, xylene, detergents, alcohols and laboratory reagents. For extra safety, the SafeCube™ Dispenser also incorporates a secondary spill containment shelf and a built-in alarm that notifies personnel of any spills that might be harmful to employees.

Key Benefits:

• Can sit on the worktop or be wall mounted
• Main cabinet can contain a spill up to 22 litres
• Filling tray can contain a spill up to ½ litre and hold up to 19kg with no risk of tipping
• Built-in alarm notifies personnel of any spills
• Non-slip rubber mat on bottom ensures stability
• Internal sliding shelf allows easy positioning of the cube for both pouring and storage
• When not in use, simply close the dispenser for safe storage

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