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DC2012-220v - Refurbished


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Product Description

The Decloaking Chamber™ NxGen has been designed for heat-induced epitope retrieval (HIER) and ease of use. It has 5 discrete temperature settings ranging between 6 0ºC and 110 ºC with user programmable times. The 110 ºC antigen retrieval protocol can be completed from start to finish in under an hour. With a 72 total slide capacity and only minutes of hands-on time per run, the Decloaking Chamber NxGen offers a walk-away capability similar to fully automated staining instruments.

The Decloaking Chamber NxGen transfers run data to a USB drive for export to a user’s computer. The run data recorded includes the date and time per run with temperature and pressure readings throughout. With the Decloaking Chamber NxGen recalling the settings from the last run, a quick start of the same protocol is possible.

The Decloaking Chamber NxGen is an excellent tool for HIER. The proper use of heat and pressure in conjunction with the appropriate buffer solutions is of the utmost importance for consistent immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining. The Decloaking Chamber NxGen is designed to optimize and standardize antibody staining procedures and has been engineered to pass strict laboratory safety and quality control requirements. Temperature, pressure and time can be monitored and recorded with the Decloaking Chamber NxGen to produce consistent staining.

CE Listed, ETL approved, U.S. patent number 6,580,056, June 17, 2003


• Size: 14.2” x 13.5” x 13” / 36.1 cm x 34.3 cm x 33.0 cm
• Weight: 13 lbs / 6.91 kg
• Temperature Range: 60 ºC – 110 ºC (+/- 5 ºC)
• Slide Capacity : 72 total slides (3 slide canisters of 24 slides each)
• Power Requirements: 115V/60Hz/1000W or 230V/50Hz/1000W

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