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PTEN/ ERG 2+2 Multiplex Four Color FISH Probe


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Product Description

Research has shown that deletions of PTEN occur at a very high frequency in prostate cancer. Other studies have demonstrated an association between decreased PTEN protein expression and a higher Gleason grade and advanced tumour stage. In a study by Yoshimoto it was demonstrated that the presence of PTEN genomic losses are frequent at diagnosis and are a significant prognostic marker for the subsequent development of clinically advanced disease. The TMPRSS2: ERG fusion gene, is a transcription promoter that contributes to the proliferation and invasive capacity of cancer cells. The combination of PTEN loss and ERG overexpression has been associated with aggressive disease.


• Intended Use: RUO
• Volume: 100 µl
• Target: Gastric, Glioma, Prostate
• Colour: Aqua, Green, Orange, Red
• Chromosome: 10, 21

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