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Primary Antibodies

CellPath offers a complete selection of concentrated and pre-diluted ready-to-use antibodies from Diagnostic BioSystems (DBS). The monoclonal antibodies are provided as purified immunoglobulin or culture supernatant. Polyclonal antibodies are raised in rabbit or goat and are supplied as purified immunoglobulin fraction.

Concentrated antibodies are designed for individuals who want to have more flexibility in their immunostaining protocols. The end-user can titrate the antibody according to their own staining conditions and protocol. Each antibody is quality control tested to cGMP standards. The recommended dilution factor is provided with each antibody. DBS concentrated antibodies are supplied in either 1ml or 0.5ml sizes.

Ready-to-use antibodies have been quality control tested and are available in convenient pre-diluted 6ml volumes. No further titration is required.

Protocols are provided for a wide range of antibodies, detection reagents, and double/triple staining assays. Protocols are optimised for the following existing automated platforms:

  • Leica Bond-Max
  • Dako Autostainer
  • Ventana Benchmark

DBS antibodies are approved for In Vitro Diagnostic use, having the CE IVD mark and US FDA registration. DBS has a very wide menu of antibodies designed to fit the needs of almost every IHC application.

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