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Product Description

The PiSmart Twin Hopper Slide Printer offers twice the capacity of the PiSmart Slide Printer by incorporating two hoppers for pre-loading different microscope slide types.

The Intelligent Slide Selection (ISS) functionality can automatically determine the microscope slide required for individual samples by analysing the label/print image and pulling it from the correct hopper for printing.

There is also an extra manual load option for an additional microscope slide type not currently available in either stacked hopper. To use, simply manually feed the slides into the instrument in the specified location.

The on-demand capability of the PiSmart Slide Printer enables microscope slides to be printed as required, avoiding the risk associated with batch printing, such as incorrectly matching a patient to their correct sample.

Its excellent LIS connectivity allows laboratories to use existing slide or cassette printer LIS interfaces already in use.

Key Benefits:

• Microscope slides printed in as little as 3-5 seconds - time after time
• On-demand slide printing allows microscope slides to be manually fed into the printer
• Optional Slide Delivery Systems permit pre-loading of slides
• High-resolution touch screen monitor
• Internal software capable of fully designing a slide label’s sample information
• Purpose-built slide dispenser
• Excellent print quality - the durable dark print provides excellent contrast and ensures near-perfect scan rates
• Fully integrated barcode scanner automates data entry
• Small footprint – the small size of the printer allows it to sit on the cut-up bench next the microtome and tissue section bath


• Connectivity: Ethernet, USB-A (2), USB-B (1)
• Media Type and Capacity: Thermal Transfer Ribbon, 1 roll completes approximately 12,000 prints
• Print Resolution: 300 dpi
• Print Speed: 3-5 seconds per slide
• Slide Tolerances: 76 - 76.2mm x 25.5 - 26mm x 1 - 1.20mm
• Power Requirements: Universal 100 - 240 VAC. 1.5A Max.
• Weight: 7.2kg
• Dimensions: 169mm x 300mm x 405mm (W x D x H)

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