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PiSmart Cassette Printers

Fast. Quiet. Accurate.

A robust cassette printer that fits into LEAN workflows and features intuitive, built-in software, a simple interface and excellent connectivity options to increase your laboratory automation.

Its on-demand capability allows you to print cassettes in as little as 3-5 seconds at the cut-up bench and avoid the risks associated with batch printing!

Designed for you. Made by us.

PiSmart printer manufacturing takes place in Polegate, England. Part of the StatLab family of brands, this site is led by an experienced, innovative team that developed the original cassette printing technology. 

Single Hopper Cassette Printer

For on-demand printing. Easily swap the hopper or bypass it to manually drop in a different type of cassette.

Multi Hopper Cassette Printer

For on-demand or batch printing. Offers more functionality with six cassette hoppers for a total capacity of 240 cassettes.

Superior Quality

Dark, high-contrast barcode printing ensures scannability and allows up to 100 characters on each cassette face.

Smart Connectivity

Allows you to use existing slide or cassette printer LIS interfaces for seamless integration.

Fast Printing Speed

Print cassettes at the cut-up bench in as little as 3-5 seconds, time after time!


A simple touchscreen with an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface means less time for training.

How PiSmart measure up to other popular cassette printers

On-demand printing in a world of developing technology

"The emerging technology of on-demand printers can offer significant benefits to histology laboratories and pathology procedures, while also facilitating error reduction".

PiSmart Cassettes

Validated for use with the PiSmart Cassette Printers with a specially adapted surface that optimises print quality.

Incorporates 1.1mm wide slots

Incorporates 0.9 by 0.9mm apertures

Incorporates 0.38 by 0.38mm apertures

Need help with your PiSmart Printer?

We've got you covered with a series of PiSmart troubleshooting and training videos

Work Smart. Print Smart. PiSmart.

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