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PHLPP1 (18q21) Red + Copy Control 18 Green


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Product Description

The PHLPP1(18q21) Red Copy Control 18 Green probe is designed to detect copy number variations in the 18q21 region on chromosome 18. The PHLPP1 gene encodes a protein phosphatase that regulates cell growth and survival pathways. It has been stated that PHLPP1 gene aberrations contribute to the deregulation of the AKT and PKC cell growth and survival pathway in colorectal cancer. PHPPL1 gene expression exhibits tumour suppressor properties in colon cancer. Furthermore, PHLPP1 may serve as a therapeutic target that inhibits prostate cancer progression through mTORC2 antagonism. Preliminary studies also suggest a correlation between PHLPP1 and PTEN gene aberrations related to prostate cancer metastasis.


• Intended Use: RUO
• Volume: 100 µl
• Colour: Green, Red
• Chromosome: 18

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