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Product Description

ParaShield is a precisely formulated wax repellent manufactured by CellPath. It can not only be used to stop paraffin from adhering to laboratory counter tops, but also to clean or act as a barrier on metal, wood and plastic surfaces in areas where paraffin is likely to be used.

To apply ParaShield, simply spray onto a cloth and then apply a thin layer to the relevant surface. This will not only dissolve any paraffin already present but also provide an immediate protective barrier to potential sticking.

It is not recommended for use on items that come in direct contact with ribbons, such as microtome blades, blade holders or base moulds, due to ParaShield's paraffin dissolving nature.

Key Benefits

• Stops paraffin adhering to laboratory surfaces and equipment
• Xylene free and non toxic repellent with a pleasant smell
• Suitable for use on multiple surfaces, including metal, wood and plastic

Additional Information

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