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ONCORE Pro Automated Slide Staining System + Accessories & T


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Product Description

The in vitro diagnostic (IVD) labelled ONCORE Pro Automated Slide Staining System is a compact powerhouse for any clinical laboratory. ONCORE Pro opens a world of possibilities to perform IHC, ISH, FISH, and CISH in a single compact benchtop platform.

The ONCORE Pro processes up to 36 slides in a single run, with the ability to perform independent protocols at each slide position for high-throughput slide processing.

Slide processing is facilitated by unique reaction modules that enclose slides between a heated platform and a novel reagent containment chamber. Reagents are dispensed onto slides through a port attached to each chamber, allowing for minimal reagent usage and waste production. These unique chambers provide gentle agitation to enhance incubation throughout the staining procedure, maximising staining intensity while minimising background. The ONCORE Pro also accommodates simultaneous Multiplex IHC, allowing fast and efficient processing of multiple IHC markers on a single slide.

ONCORE Pro fully automates the staining process by utilising advanced online antigen retrieval technology, pre-optimised reagents, and ready-to-use antibodies to enhance laboratory workflow, increase laboratory efficiency, and reduce hands-on processing time. Solve modern-day challenges facing your laboratory now and in the future with the advanced automation of ONCORE Pro.

Key Benefits:

• Fully automated IHC staining
• Compact footprint
• Conserve reagent with 130uL antibody dispense volume
• High-throughput 36 slide capacity
• Ready-to-use multiplex IHC capability
• Waste separation for reduced disposal costs

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