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Oncore Pro ISHzyme Kit


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Product Description

ONCORE Pro ISHzyme Kit contains a digestive enzyme used in the pre-treatment of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues (FFPE) to enhance probe accessibility to nucleic acid targets. In FFPE tissues, certain in situ hybridization protocols require enzymatic pre-treatment for proper ISH staining. ISHzyme is an aggressive enzyme and can be used at room temperature. Certain tissues require this type of aggressive enzyme digestion prior to heat retrieval for optimal results. When used in combination with ISH Retrieval for ONCORE Pro, a synergistic effect on probe accessibility to nucleic acid targets may be achieved. This product is provided as a two-component system and may be prepared at various concentrations, as desired by the user.


• Format: ONCORE, ONCORE Pro
• Volume: 120 Tests
• Intended Use: IVD

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