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MINI SECTION DRYER, 230V.a.c. 50-60Hz 500 Watts


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Product Description

Designed for use at the microtome for improved LEAN workflow, the CellTec Mini Section Dryer blows air at a digitally controlled temperature through the base of the instrument, for rapid and efficient section drying without the risk of overheating specimen. Through this process, drying times can be reduced by approximately 75% compared to conventional ovens.

For inspection ease, the Mini Section Dryer features a transparent lid and large chamber which houses up to six slide racks (30 slide capacity). Resistance hinges allow the lid to be positioned at any angle, ideal for when both hands are needed to place or remove items from the dryer.

The optional LEAN Timer System and identifier rack ensure that each slide rack has an exact drying time and provides both an audible and visual indication to users when a slide rack has fully completed drying.

Key Benefits:

• Fan assisted heating reduces section drying time to approximately 10 minutes, compared to 35-40 minutes when using conventional ovens
• Optional LEAN Timer Systems and LEAN identifier rack ensure each rack has exact drying times
• Small footprint allows close positioning to the microtome to speed up the workflow in the laboratory
• Ultra-fast system for rapid warm-up
• Digital temperature control guarantees heat accuracy within the chamber
• Anti-microbial finish (Silver Ion) to inhibit bacteria and virus growth
• Mini circuit breakers incorporated into the instrument eliminating the need for replacement fuses


• Dimensions: 323mm x 267mm x 175mm (D x W x H)
• Temperature Range: 75°C (+/- 1°C) ambient
• Power Supply/Rating: Dual Voltage Selectable 110-230V ac 50-60Hz 240W
• Weight: 8.25kg

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