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Mesothelioma , HBME-1 , IgM - 6ml


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Product Description

This antibody reacts with an unknown antigen on the microvilli of mesothelioma. It stains normal mesothelial cells as well as epithelial mesotheliomas in a thick membrane pattern due to abundant lung microvilli on the surface of these cells.

Key Benefits:

• Clone: HMBE-1
• Isotype: IgM
• Immunogen: BALB/C mice were injected with suspension of human mesothelioma cells from patients with malignant epithelial mesothelioma
• Species: Mouse
• Cellular Localisation: Cell membrane
• Positive Control Tissue: Mesothelioma
• Pre-treatment: Citrate Buffer pH 6.0
• Intended Use: IVD
• Detection System: PolyVue Plus – Two Step Detection System or Montage PolyVue Plus Auto Detection System for Montage 360 System
• Description/Type: Conc Mouse Monoclonal Antibody
• Format: This product is supplied as a purified immunoglobulin and contains sodium azide as a preservative
• Sources: Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody

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