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MACH 2 Double Stain 2 - 100 ml


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Product Description

The conjugated goat anti-mouse polymer horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and the conjugated goat anti-rabbit polymer alkaline phosphatase (AP) secondary antibodies react with both heavy and light chains on mouse and rabbit IgG respectively. This innovative HRP- and AP-polymerization technology provides a significant increase in staining sensitivity when compared to other conventional HRP- or AP-conjugated secondary antibodies. Avidin-biotin blocking procedures are not necessary when using the MACH 2 conjugated secondary antibodies. It is specially designed for a rapid double stain procedure. An antibody cocktail with a mouse monoclonal and a rabbit polyclonal/monoclonal must be used. The overall staining procedure can be done with 4 major steps and in less than two hours. It can be used manually or used with automated stainers.

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