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Supporting CellPath Equipment Users

Callum at the 2019 ECP Exhibition On site equipment training EC500 set up at the Royal Calderdale Hospital EC500 in action at the Royal Calderdale Hospital

We caught up with Callum Jervis, longstanding CellPath employee, to find out more about his new role in the company and how it can help our customers.


How long have you been with CellPath and what is your new role?

I’ve been with CellPath for 10 years this year and I am now working as Product Specialist for our Equipment range.

In my new role, I support our customers with all things equipment related including recommending suitable units, technical assistance, installing and maintaining the equipment for use in their lab.


How has the pandemic affected your role?

I began working in this role in June meaning all work has been conducted during the pandemic.

It has been different from what we had planned before the pandemic, but also much busier than we expected. Laboratories have required new equipment to be installed and to ensure existing units are functioning correctly. It has been important that I have been able to keep operating safely throughout.


How will the role look under normal circumstances?

It won’t look too different, in terms of the support that we offer. However, we will be able to carry out visits far easier once the situation is resolved.
Right now, we are very conscious of safety – maintaining social distance and using PPE when entering labs for essential work and conducting virtual demonstrations, rather than in person, where possible. I’m taking plenty of time between visits to ensure safety but in the future, I’d be able to get out and visit labs more frequently.

I expect we will continue to get busier with the equipment range and with that there is plenty of potential for the role to grow.

We’re also all looking forward to getting back to exhibitions, showcasing our new products and meeting our customers.


Do you have any plans for the future of the role?

As I mentioned, in a COVID free future we will be able to freely conduct more face-to-face visits.
Although, we are also keen to continue exploring the virtual side of things going forward with a dedicated area for our equipment range currently in development. This will help maximise the time for demonstrations and connect with multiple laboratories in one day. It will also allow customers to visit CellPath for us to demonstrate our equipment range and tour our facilities.

We have received positive feedback from the demonstrations that have taken place and we have focused on tailoring each demo to their laboratory needs, this personalised approach replicates exactly how the piece of equipment would integrate and improve the labs workflow. This is something I hope to continue to develop.

Customers should also look out for our expanded equipment portfolio – CellPath will be the one port of call for all laboratory needs – consumables, equipment and waste management.


Can our customers still reach you whenever they need to?

Yes, absolutely. Whether it be further information on a piece of equipment, a demonstration, or an urgent repair, we are always on hand to offer assistance.

We have been very careful not to take any unnecessary risk during the pandemic and we take pride in the fact that we have been able to do everything that has been asked of us to support the essential work that our customers do.

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