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ARBURG customers join the fight against COVID-19

ARBURG customer join the fight against COVID-19

PlastikMedia shares how ARBURG customers are involved in supporting the fight against coronavirus on different fronts, as well as supplying other vital items for the health service, here’s our story:

CellPath Ltd based in Newtown, Mid-Wales manufactures injection moulded parts for the cellular pathology industry, as well as making stains and reagents for use in cancer diagnosis. It formulated and manufactured a hand sanitiser to the World Health Organisation specification for its employees soon after coronavirus broke in the UK. The company is now gearing up for large scale production of the hand wash when it receives regulatory approval.

“This will ramp-up production from 200 litres to 1,000 litres per day, when the approval comes from the Health & Safety Executive,” said Dr Neil Haine, R&D Director at CellPath, but he adds this relies on having access to the right raw materials which are currently in short supply.

CellPath is a long-term ARBURG customer and has a new machine on order now, to supply more moulded parts in a busy sector of medical research. Neil says that while the country is locked on COVID-19, cancer is not going anywhere. “For us, cancer is not taking a back step. We are making the handwash to keep our staff safe to keep supplying these critical plastic moulded products.”

For on-site safety measures, the company has set out markers on the factory floor to mark suitable distancing gaps between workers, rejigged production lines to maintain the recommended two-metre distance, and all doors are fixed open to avoid touching them. And it has made novel use of its 3D printer. “Where doors cannot be left open, we have 3D-printed a device to open the door using your arm not the hand,” Neil said.

CellPath is also 3D-printing face shields as part of the organised scheme to supply the NHS with PPE, personal protective equipment.

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