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Product Description

The Large Slide Drying Hotplate is designed to efficiently dry paraffin tissue sections using a digital temperature control that provides accurate control of the drying temperature. An ultra-fast heating system ensures a rapid warm up time prior to use.

Microscope slides are supported on six moveable rails which allow heated air to pass underneath the slides to accelerate drying, and allows users to slope slides at a 10° angle to encourage water drain off. The rails can be removed from the instrument so that slides can be placed directly onto the heated surface when required.

The body of the Large Slimline Hotplate is coated with an anti-microbial paint finish which inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses. The actual hotplate is coated with a matt black powder to provide a visual contrast against paraffin tissue sections.

Key Benefits:

• Ultra-fast heating system for rapid warm up
• Variable temperature control gives the ability to set temperature to exact specimen requirements
• Moveable slide support rails to cater for different slide sizes
• Anti-microbial finish to inhibit bacteria and virus growth
• Memory function for desired temperature at start-up
• Mini circuit breakers incorporated into the instrument eliminating the need for replacement fuses
• Optional stainless-steel lid to improve temperature control and reduce drying times
• Dimensions: 282mm x 450mm x 85.5mm (D x W x H)

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