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IGH/CCND1 - t(11;14)(q13;q32)


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Product Description

IGH gene rearrangements are considered to be one of the classical cytogenetic gene aberrations associated with numerous cancers such as: Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), Multiple Myeloma (MM), and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma1,2,3. The t(11;14)(q13;q32) translocation results in the CCND1 gene being inserted into the heavy chain (IGH) locus resulting in over production cyclin D1 protein4. This is considered by many to be the hallmark cytogenetic event associated with mantle cell lymphoma.


• Intended Use: RUO
• Volume: 100 µl
• Target : Breast, CLL, Colorectal, Lymphoma, Melanoma
• Colour: Green, Orange
• Chromosome: 11, 14

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