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IGH (14q32) Green/ MAF (16q23) Orange FISH Probe


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Product Description

Gene translocations involving the IGH gene at 14q32 and the MAF gene at 16q23 are seen in multiple myeloma. The identification of such events can assist in the diagnosis and classification of this disease. The t(14;16)(q32;q23) has been reported to be detectable in 2–10% of patients with plasma cell myeloma and in about 25% of myeloma cell lines1 . The presence of this translocation in MM is associated with more aggressive disease along with an unfavourable prognosis and outcome2,3.


• Intended Use: RUO
• Volume: 100 µl
• Target : Breast, CLL, Lymphoma
• Colour: Green, Orange
• Chromosome: 14

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