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Product Description

The IceBerg+ Cold Plate incorporates an ultra-fast cooling system that reaches an optimal pre-set temperature of -5°C in less than 5 minutes- making it one of the quickest on the market, reducing the waiting time before use and for blocks to be cast, significantly!

The temperature of the CellTec Iceberg+ Cold Plate can be easily changed if required and is limited to -12°C for specimen safety.
Its large-capacity compressor maintains a temperature of -5°C, even in warmer laboratories. The compressor operates quietly and unlike other cold plates, achieves the set temperature by cycling operation for twenty seconds, before a rest period of two minutes.

Key Benefits:

• Ultra-fast cooling system: < 5 minutes to reach pre-set -5°C temperature
• Large capacity cooling plate: 60 standard size blocks or 15 Supa Mega blocks
• Quick cooling time: Approximately 15 minutes to cool 60 standard 24 x 24 x 5mm blocks
• Quiet operation
• Digital temperature control ± 1°C accuracy (at calibration point).
• Ability to change the set temperature to meet customer needs
• Easy to clean Anti-microbial finish to inhibit bacteria and virus growth
• Pre-set at -5°C via digital temperature control, which is accurate to ±1.0°C. A -5°C temperature permits the optimal chilling of blocks while minimising the risk of blocks cracking, ensuring high-quality sections during microtomy
• Large capacity cooling plate with space for 60 standard size blocks or 15 Supa Mega blocks makes the IceBerg+ ideal for high workload labs
• Consistent temperature across the entire cold plate ensures that all blocks are ready for sectioning at the same time
• Low power consumption reduces laboratory running costs
• Anti-microbial powder coat finish (Ag+, silver ion release) inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses on the case of the instrument
• Non-slip feet prevent instrument Consistent temperature moving during use


• Dimensions: 600mm x 402mm x 315mm (D x W x H)
• Weight: 25.9kg
• Power Rating: 600 Watts
• Power Supply: 230V a.c. 50-60hz
• Cooling Plate Dimensions: 276mm x 382mm (D x W)
• Cooling Plate Capacity: 60 standard size blocks or 15 Supa Mega blocks
• Temperature Range: Ambient to -12°C (± 1°C) at 25°C
• Digital Display: ± 1°C accuracy

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