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Product Description

The CellTec FumeBuddy™ Filtration System removes hazardous vapours from a localised working area. For use in a Histopathology laboratory, the FumeBuddy™ removes formaldehyde, as well as solvent vapours such as xylene and isopropyl alcohol; while the BactiGuard™ pre-filter eliminates most microbes and viruses.

It features a powerful variable speed fan which draws contaminated air through a sealed filter cartridge unit containing activated carbon filters to target and neutralise formaldehyde and solvent vapours. The clean air is then released, through a vent at the rear of the instrument.

The compact FumeBuddy™ is ideal in areas where coverslipping and staining are carried out, as well as removing vapours from coverslipped slides, left to air dry. The instrument is also portable and suitable for use in areas where a chemical spill has occurred.

Key Benefits:

• Removes both formaldehyde and solvent fumes
• Eliminates a wide variety of microbes and viruses
• Compact footprint
• Variable-speed fan
• Filter alarm alerts you when a replacement filter cartridge is needed
• Portable and easy to position
• Quiet and unobtrusive
• Dimensions: 180mm x 145 x 215mm including handle or 170mm excluding handle (D x W x H)

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