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CellPath dissecting forceps are available with either serrated or smooth jaws, with blunt or pointed ends, and in a range of sizes to meet end user needs. The smooth jaw forceps are particularly useful for specimen dissection as they are non marking making them ideal for handling soft or easily marked tissue specimens.

CellPath dissecting forceps are available in several sizes and variations. These forceps are manufactured from high quality ‘medical grade’ stainless steel which offers a high level of corrosion resistance and resistance to most organic chemicals, dyestuffs, and a wide variety of inorganic chemicals.

Also available are CellPath PTFE coated dissecting forceps with a heavy-duty coating of PTFE Xylan®. This PTFE coating offers a unique combination of chemical inertness, heat resistance, toughness, and non-stick qualities. By combining these qualities with high quality ‘medical grade’ stainless steel, CellPath PTFE coated dissection forceps are able to handle extreme temperatures, are inert to practically all chemicals and are non-contaminating.

The inert nature of the PTFE coating makes dissecting forceps ideal for use with special stains, and decalcification, due to their excellent resistance to acid and alkali solutions as well as solvents. The PTFE coating is also non-protein binding and does no support biological growth, which makes the forceps suitable for histology, microbiology and pharmaceutical applications as the PTFE coating provides a bio-inert surface.

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