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Folate Receptor alpha IHC Assay Kit - Predilute - 32 Tests


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Product Description

Mouse anti-human folate receptor alpha antibody monoclonal [26B3.F2] specifically recognizes the alpha isoform of folate receptor. Folate receptor alpha is primarily expressed in the apical surface of some polarized epithelial cells of normal tissues (such as kidney, lung, breast, and salivary glands) and on many cancer cells of epithelial origin; namely, ovarian cancer, thyroid cancer, non-small cell lung adenocarcinoma (NSCLC) and endometrial cancer.

In the most widely studied tumour, epithelial ovarian cancer, expression of FRalpha increases with tumour stage [12], and is associated with decreased survival [11]. However, in NSCLC, FRalpha has been shown to be specific for adenocarcinomas relative to squamous cell carcinoma and other histologic subtypes, and increased expression has been correlated to increased survival [4,9].


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