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Product Description

Designed to deliver maximum efficiency, the Modular Tissue Embedding Centre EC 500 is versatile for user-friendly operation and comfort.

Ergonomically designed for highly efficient processing, the embedding centre incorporates two independently heated, high-capacity storage tanks that accommodate moulds and cassettes.

Dispensing Console Key Benefits:

• Standby mode allows urgent biopsies to be embedded when required
• Adjustable white LED illumination
• Eight heated wells for forceps
• Two built-in paraffin wax trimmers
• Integrated cold spot
• 5-litre capacity paraffin reservoir capacity
• Two front drawers for surplus paraffin collection and easy removal
• Connector for electrically heated forceps
• Optional magnifier glass
• Adjustable paraffin dispenser with the option to release paraffin manually or by a footswitch
• Accommodates both Mega and Supa Mega size cassettes


• Console dimensions: 641mm x 354mm x 405mm (D x W x H)
• Heated area: 253mm x 340mm (D x W)
• Weight: 20.5kg

Cryo Console Key Benefits:

• Large cooling surface holds approximately 60 cassettes/moulds.
• Select the desired temperature from between 0 and -12ºC.
• Even temperature distribution over the entire surface
• Interchangeable to either the left or right-hand side of the Dispensing Console
• Stand-alone operation possible


• Console dimensions: 623mm x 335mm x 395mm (D x W x H)
• Cold plate: 307mm x 375mm (D x W)
• Weight: 24.5kg

Thermal Console Key Benefits:

• Able to accept baskets from commonly used tissue processors
• Large cassette storage capacity; incorporates two removable trays with capacity for two baskets (200 cassettes) or three baskets (300 cassettes) without trays
• Up to 400 mould storage capacity
• Operation only possible if connected to the Embedding Console


• Console dimensions: 623mm x 340mm x 395mm (D x W x H)
• Cassette storage: 510mm x 269mm (D x W)
• Removable trays: 175mm x 262mm x 55mm (D x W x H)
• Mould storage: 170mm x 275mm x 180mm (D x W x H)
• Weight: 16kg

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