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Product Description

The Donatello Series 2 Automated Tissue Processor improves your laboratory workflow and guarantees reliability, safety and best quality results with every use. The Donatello employs new safety and traceability features alongside an innovative reagent mixing procedure to boost productivity and achieve excellent tissue processing.

Key Benefits:

• Improved safety with the innovative 'Emergency eVoluted Algorithm (EVA)', an intelligent system based on advanced algorithms capable of managing and solving potential emergencies during sample processing to preserve the quality of the tissue and the predictive and prognostic markers
• SelfCheck+ technology reduces the incidence of adverse events during tissue processing. SelfCheck+ checks the sensitive parts of the instrument and, in the event of a malfunction, notifies the user by allowing preventative action for sample safety
• Features integrated tracking of all operations and processing data (protocols, users), tanks (replacement, batches), and tissue processors (alarms). With the external barcode reader, it is possible to trace and integrate all the information on the barcode printed on the cassette for complete traceability of the sample.
• 405 sample capacity with an integrated Fast Processing System, reducing the processing time of small biopsies significantly (processed in less than one hour)
• Bubbling technology that performs an innovative reagent mixing procedure during reagent standstill into SPC which assures the same gradient of concentration of the reagent in each point of the SPC
• Features intuitive software that is icon-based for quick and easy management. Each tank position features an LED to guide users during reagent changing steps


• Maximum Cassette Capacity: 405 standard sized, 112 Supa Mega Slim, 56 Supa Mega
• Reagent Tanks: 12 tanks of 5L each
• Wax Cylinders: 3 cylinders, 4.4-4.7L each
• Maximum Processing Chamber Volume (SPC): 8L
• Power: 230V, 50Hz
• Dimensions: 750mm x 700mm x 1550mm (D x W x H)
• Weight: 240kg

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