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Desmoglein 3 + Napsin A - Predilute - 6.0 ml


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Product Description

Desmoglein 3 (DSG3) + Napsin A are very sensitive and specific markers and may be useful for discriminating between lung SqCC and lung adenocarcinoma. DSG3 is a membrane stain that marks lung SqCC while Napsin A is a cytoplasmic stain that marks lung adenocarcinomas. In the vast majority of lung cancers tested, only a single antibody stain was observed. Co-expression of both antibodies may be observed in adenosquamous cell carcinomas and Napsin A staining is observed in some cases of residual normal lung. In grades 1-2, Desmoglein 3 + Napsin A provide staining sensitivity in the mid 90% range.

Available individually or as part of the PulmoPanel™ Multiplex Kit. Cat No: PPM 436 AAK


• Intended Use: IVD
• Species Reactivity: Human
• Source: Mouse Monoclonal, Rabbit Monoclonal
• Isotype: IgG, IgG1
• Clone: BC11, N/A, Biocare Clone
• Antigen: Desmoglein 3, Napsin A
• Localization: Membrane, Cytoplasmic – Granular
• Positive Control: Lung squamous cell carcinoma and lung adenocarcinoma

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