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Product Description

The CellSafe I Biopsy Cassette is ideal for the preparation of small biopsies and fragile specimens. Each cassette incorporates an ultra-fine (300 micron), x-ray transparent white mesh that securely accommodates the specimen, whilst permitting efficient processing. This eliminates the need for additional biopsy handling materials such as biopsy pads and bags. The mesh is also acid resistant to permit decalcification.

Manufactured from a specially developed material, the cassette is resistant to all Histology chemicals, retaining its colour during processing. A 45-degree engineered writing surface is optimised for printing on the Leica IPC, Thermo Printmate, and Sakura AutoWrite cassette printers.

The inner chamber has rounded corners throughout, eliminating the possibility of samples ‘hiding’ in areas hard to get at with forceps.

The rigid structure and design of the cassette significantly increases the adherence of wax blocks when embedding and sectioning.

Dimensions: 28.5mm x 41mm x 7.2mm

Key Benefits:

• High specimen security
• Incorporated inner chamber lined with x-ray transparent mesh eliminates the need to open the cassette. This avoids the possibility of losing or breaking the delicate specimen
• Available in a range of colours and packaging options
• Optimised writing surface for printing on the Leica IPC, Thermo PrintMate and Sakura AutoWrite

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