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Product Description

The CellSafe+ biopsy capsule is a patented innovation by CellPath, which offers high specimen security. It is an easy-to-use alternative to the more traditional and time-consuming handling techniques such as tissue wrap and foam pads. The CellSafe+ consists of two hinged interlocking frames with integral mesh. This extra fine X-ray transparent mesh ensures a high level of specimen security, zero tissue damage and low reagent carry over.

The capsule is closed in one direction to fully encapsulate the tissue. CellSafe+ is contained in a standard cassette for processing in the normal way (validated for use with the System II Hex Cassette and lid). Prior to embedding, tissue can be removed with greater ease and security when compared with conventional foam pads or paper wrap.

The blue CellSafe+ aids contrast and visulisation of light coloured biopsies, normally experienced with breast tissue.

Key Benefits:

• Blue mesh aids contrast and visualisation of light coloured biopsies
• X-ray transparent for breast work
• Extra fine mesh provides up to 20 times less carry over of solvents than foam pads
• Zero tissue damage or artefacts associated with foam pads
• Substantial time savings when compared to wrapping biopsy in tissue paper

N.B. If using any cassette not manufactured by CellPath, compatibility tests must be carried out before routine work.

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