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Product Description

The CellCeps+ Heated Tampers are electrically heated instruments designed to assist in the orientation and positioning of histological specimens during embedding in paraffin wax. The tamper incorporates a safe, low-voltage heating element which maintains optimum temperature for specimen manipulation. It may be used continuously without adjustment and without significantly influencing the temperature of the tissue.

Three sizes of CellCeps+ Heated Tampers are available and fit directly onto the CellCeps+ Control Unit. The product range also includes several optional accessories which work in conjunction with the core range and offers users enhanced performance, such as a stand for the forceps and tampers, when not in use.

Key Benefits:

• Finger grips moulded in polyurethane remain cool-to-touch when in use and increases user comfort during longer embedding sessions
• Operates between 63 to 70°C preventing tissue from sticking and ensuring specimen safety
• Bayonet connection prevents disconnection during use
• Available in three sizes with cool-to-touch finger grips
• Large 25x25mm tamper enables users to flatten large specimens during embedding, ideal for using Supa Mega cassettes

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