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Product Description

The CellCeps+ Heated Tampers are electrically heated instruments designed to assist in the orientation and positioning of histological specimens during embedding in paraffin wax. They incorporate safe, low-voltage heating elements which maintain an optimum temperature for manipulation of specimens in histological wax. They may be used continuously without adjustment and without significantly influencing the temperature of the tissue.

The CellCeps+ range contains three sizes of heated tamper which fit directly onto the CellCeps+ control unit. The largest size of tamper was designed to help specimen embedding for the large Supa Mega Sized specimens. The product range also includes several optional accessories which work in conjunction with the core range and offers users enhanced performance, such as a stand for forceps and tampers when not in use, and extension cables.

Key Benefits:

• Finger grip moulded in polyurethane remains cool to touch when in use, and increases comfort during longer embedding sessions
• Forceps tips and tampers operate at a temperature between 63-70C, preventing tissue from sticking to the tips and ensuring specimen safety
• Bayonet connections prevents disconnection during use
• 3 sizes of heated tampers with cool to touch grips. The largest tamper enables users to flatten large specimens during embedding, ideal for users of CellPath’s Supa Mega range of cassettes

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