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CD163 - Predilute - 6.0 ml


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Product Description

CD163 is useful in identifying cells of monocyte/macrophage lineage in normal and neoplastic conditions (1,2). This antibody reacts with human scavenger receptor cysteine-rich protein CD163 (p155, M130) found on mononuclear phagocytes including human monocytes and macrophages (1). Compared with the CD68 antibodies, studies have shown that CD163 demonstrated greater specificity as a marker of disorders of monocyte/macrophage origin (2). However, immunohistochemical evaluation of CD163 expression does not seem to be a sensitive means of determining monocytic differentiation of AMLs or myeloid sarcoma (3).


• Intended Use: IVD
• Species Reactivity: Human
• Source: Mouse Monoclonal
• Clone: 10D6
• Isotype: IgG1
• Antigen: CD163
• Localization: Membrane
• Positive Control: Tonsil or Placenta

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