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CD137 - Concentrate - 0.1 ml


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Product Description

CD137, a member of the tumour necrosis factor receptor superfamily, represents a promising target for enhancing antitumor immune responses (1). The functions of CD137 in T lymphocytes include regulating activation, proliferation and apoptosis (2). CD137 helps regulate the activation of many immune cells, including CD4(+) T cells, CD8(+) T cells, dendritic cells, and natural killer cells. Recent studies indicate that the antitumor efficacy of therapeutic tumour-targeting antibodies can be augmented by the addition of agonistic antibodies targeting CD137. As ligation of CD137 provides a costimulatory signal in multiple immune cell subsets, CD137 antibody has potential to improve cancer treatment, and has been implicated in breast cancer, melanoma and lymphoma (3-5). Therefore, CD137 agonists represent a promising immunotherapeutic approach to treating cancers.


• Format: Concentrate, Predilute
• Volume: 0.1 ml, 0.5 ml, 6.0 ml
• Source: Mouse Monoclonal
• Antigen: Ectodomain of human 4-1BB recombinant protein
• Clone: BBK-2
• Intended Use: IVD
• Isotype: IgG1/kappa
• Localization: Cell surface
• Positive Control: Small intestine with Peyer’s patches, tonsil
• Species Reactivity: Human; others not tested

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