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Ber-EP4 - ONCORE Pro - 60 Tests


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Product Description

Ber-EP4 is present on the surface and the cytoplasm of all epithelial cells except the superficial layers of squamous epithelial, hepatocytes and parietal cells. It shows a broad spectrum of reactivity with human epithelial cells including simple epithelia and basal layers of stratified non-keratinized squamous epithelium and epidermis. It does not label mesothelial cells and rarely marks mesotheliomas and has been reported to distinguish between adenocarcinomas from pleural mesotheliomas. Studies also suggest it may be useful for differentiating basal cell carcinoma from other dermatological conditions.


• Intended Use: IVD
• Source: Mouse Monoclonal
• Species Reactivity: Human
• Clone: Ber-EP4
• Isotype: IgG1
• Antigen: Ber-EP4
• Localization: Cytoplasm, cell membrane
• Positive Control: Colon and breast cancer

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