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Product Description

CellPath’s Advanced Section Dryers have been designed to provide maximum drying area whilst taking up minimal amount of work bench space. The instruments have ‘wipe clean’ touch pad controls which provide accurate control of the drying temperature and an ultra-fast heating system for rapid warm-up. Two perforated stainless steel shelves are supplied, which increases drying capacity and allows efficient drying of tissue sections.

The Advanced Section Dryers are specifically developed for the drying needs of histopathology laboratories, with a maximum temperature of 70°C to ensure specimen safety. Innovative programmable heating functions can control both heating temperatures and heating times.

The body of the instruments are coated with an anti-microbial finish which inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses.

Key Benefits:

• Maximum heating temperature restricted to 70°C for specimen safety
• Ultra-fast heating system for rapid warm up
• Energy Saving – programmable heating times and temperatures
• Digital temperature control gives users the ability to set exact temperatures
• Anti-microbial finish (Silver Ion) to inhibit bacteria and virus growth


• Dimensions: 440mm x 350mm x 520mm (D x W x H)
• Temperature Range: Ambient +5°C -70°C
• Weight: 27kg

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