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CellPath has a long history of serving the cellular pathology market, building a strong foundation for future growth. Below is a timeline of our history, identifying some of our key milestones to date.


It all started in 1969

CellPath can trace its roots back to 1969, with the formation of Bethlehem Instruments in Hemel Hempstead, England by Peter Webber. The company grew through the 1970s and was instrumental in introducing several histology products that were first to market, such as the RDC rapid decalcifier, a product that still forms a core part of our histology consumables range today. During this period, Bethlehem Instruments changed its name to HistoLab, reflecting the increased focus on selling a wider range of products to UK-based histology laboratories.


Started Newtown manufacture in 1982

HistoLab started to manufacture in Newtown, Powys in 1982, with Paul Webber overseeing the construction of a 3,000 square foot production facility. The following year, the company moved into cytology, offering an expanded product range that included spatulas, fixatives and slide boxes. Philip Webber joined the company in 1984 when a further 3,000 square foot extension was added to the Newtown premises. In 1985, HistoLab became a 100% family-owned business of the Webbers and continued to operate under two brands – HistoLab and CytoLab. In 1987 the company introduced the Aylesbury Spatula an alternative to the Ayre Spatula. This sampling device improved the quality of cervical samples taken.


CellPath Ltd founded in 1990

It was in 1990 that CellPath Limited was founded when HistoLab and CytoLab merged. Over the next decade, the company began manufacturing some of its best-known products - CerviBrush, CerviKit, Ortho Stains and the CytoFocus CD, to become the market leader of cytology products in the UK. In 1999 CellPath was sold to Medical Solutions PLC, an LSE-listed company. However, in December 2002, CellPath was purchased back by its founder members, the Webber Family.


Moved to our current premises in 2005

In November 2005, CellPath moved into their new 20,000 sq. ft headquarters on the Mochdre Enterprise Park in Newtown, Mid Wales. It was around this time that CellNass was successfully launched into the market, which has seen significant growth thereafter with a new build in 2013 doubling the original CellNass capacity to meet customer demand followed by a further expansion in August 2017. During this period, CellNass was given the highest possible score by the Human Tissue Authority when assessed for suitability of practices, premises, governance and disposal.


Grand Opening of CellPath's new International Distribution Centre

In August 2017, CellPath further expanded with the opening of a new International Distribution Centre at our headquarters in Newtown, Powys. This new warehouse allowed the company to further increase their export sales and house increased stock levels on-site to ensure we continued to meet our promised delivery times.


Welsh Business of the Year

2018 saw the company being awarded the Welsh Business of the Year accolade by the South & Mid Wales Chamber of Commerce. The awards recognise the very best from businesses across Wales and celebrate success, excellence in best practice and the contribution Welsh businesses make to the wider community.


CellSolv launched in 2019

Our CellSolv service was launched in January 2019 and is a bulk chemical supply and waste management service for cellular pathology. Bottled at our state-of-the-art facilities in Newtown, Powys, our filtered chemicals are refined to ensure consistent quality. Any waste chemicals collected are recycled where possible or disposed of in line with current regulations.


Further expansion in 2021

Work on our fourth CellNass archiving facility was completed in the middle of 2021, allowing us to meet the increasing demand from our customers. The facility also accommodates our new canteen, kitchen, and a games room!


Acquired in 2022

CellPath was acquired by US-based company StatLab in June 2022. StatLab leads the way in the development and manufacturing of high-quality histology, cytology, and immunohistochemistry diagnostic products. With this acquisition, StatLab expanded its reach into Europe and adds key injection moulding manufacturing capabilities.